Hello, My Name is Vivian and I’ll be your Simplicity Ambassador on this journey

I think Simplicity Ambassador has a nice sound to it, and that’s what I am. I’m a life coach who helps bring balance and simplicity to people’s lives. I’ve worked as a special educator, counselor, writer and an artisan and have loved all of these experiences. I find the best way to make a living is trying to do the things you love most so that’s what I do. I love working with people, more importantly, I love helping people find their inner strength and passion.  

Life Coach

Life coaching is just as it sounds, it’s being helped along your life path. How often do we hear that life does not come with an owner’s manual. Well, think of me as an owner’s manual.

I help people looking to change careers, youth starting out on the life path, children navigating our testing-crazed school environments, parents at a loss for how to support their children’s behaviors and couples looking to reconnect or who are just starting out. So, life coaching is for anyone looking to bring peace and simplicity to their lives. Life coaching is about finding your center, your balance.


I love researching various subjects, especially relating to health, wellness and green living. Because of this, I became a writer and enjoy using my writing skills to educate others and help people recreate their online persona with resume writing, small business writing and social media.

I help people looking to change careers and youth starting out on their life path.


I am available for public speaking engagements including education and training sessions on various topics including parenting, relationships, bullying, holistic living, green living, cyber safety for youth and more. 


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