Hello, This is Who I Am

There are so many blogs out there so I know I may just have a few minutes to sell you on staying here.

I’m a  life coach. I’ve worked in jobs, in fields where I questioned my life purpose everyday. People find a way to make a living while loving the work they do. It can happen and it can happen to you. Even if you’re not looking for a change in your professional life, I can help you bring simplicity to your world.


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is just as it sounds, it’s being helped along your life path. How often do we hear that life does not come with an owner’s manual. Well, think of me as an owner’s manual.

Who Seeks Life Coaching Services?

I help people looking to change careers, youth starting out on the life path, children navigating our testing-crazed school environments, parents at a loss for how to support their children’s behaviors and couples looking to reconnect or who are just starting out. So, life coaching is for anyone looking to bring peace and simplicity to their lives. Life coaching is about finding your center, your balance.

How Much is Life Coaching?

Life coaching sessions begin at $65 and can be customized into packages that work for you and your budget. I very much want life coaching to be the support that most working class families are missing. Having worked in behavioral health, I saw amazing services available to youth on medicare. I would like all families to have access to those types of services. 

Is Life Coaching Counseling?

No, definitely not. I’ve been a counselor and life coaching meets people where they are and gets them moving to a more comfortable, more balanced life. Life coaches have the freedom of meeting client over the phone, via email, via text, via Skype or Google Hangout and in person. 

Connect with me and let’s get you moving towards a balanced life.  

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